Back Pain

Nothing can take the joy out of life more than chronic or acute back pain. Usually related to injury, illness or improper alignment, Dr. Schram has helped hundreds of chiropractic patients in nyc seeking back pain relief. Due to stress, injuries, illness or just common ailments many in nyc require back pain treatment. Back pain compromises our ability to do the things we need to do and can keep us from doing the things we love to do.

Root causes of back pain are often far removed from the actual trouble spots. Dr. Schram has made it his life’s work to understand the marvelous human body, how it is put together and how it heals. He has an innate ability to know the root cause of any musculoskeletal problem especially if it affects the back, spine and lower back. Dr. Schram’s excellent back pain adjustments can help.

Twenty two million people in the United States seek chiropractic back pain treatment every year, so it’s important to understand you are not alone. By using a hands-on, intuitive approach Dr. Schram can diagnose the root cause of your back pain, and restore proper alignment in the back and spine.

This improved range of motion helps increase the flow of healing bodily fluids and gently stretches the muscle surrounding the joint into their proper place, relieving the pain. Once all the root areas are treated, the problem of pain radiating to other areas of the body is also resolved.

Dr. Schram brings a number of diverse disciplines to address your back pain. He is a licensed Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, combining this with an intuitive diagnostic ability. By using various techniques such as the Eastern pulse technique and more traditional physical examinations using palpation, Dr. Schram can quickly identify the root source of back pain.

Once he discovers where the body is out of harmony, Dr. Schram can carefully detect and correct improper alignments in the vertebra and provides the back pain relief you seek. Life is too short, to “live with” back pain. Call Dr. Schram at (212) 696-4426 and discover how chiropractic back pain relief can help you discover a new lease on life.

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