Lower Back Pain

Stress on the lower back means many are living daily with extreme lower back pain. It can really compromise your performance at work, make daily chores difficult-even sleep can be elusive.

Whether chronic or acute, chiropractic treatments for lower back pain by Dr. Steve Schram can drastically improve the quality of life for those that have trouble walking, standing, exercising or even getting out of bed due to lower back pain.

Usually related to injury, illness or improper alignment, Dr. Schram has helped hundreds of chiropractic patients in nyc find lower back pain relief. Root causes of lower back pain can be far removed from the actual trouble spot. Dr. Schram is an amazing, intuitive diagnostician that has an innate ability to find the root causes of your musculoskeletal problems.

He has made it his life’s work to understand the marvelous machine known as the human body. Dr. Schram’s excellent lower back pain adjustments can help relieve the stress on joints which are not properly aligned, help stretch the soft tissue around the joint so it goes back into position and increases the flow of healing bodily fluids in the joint cavity.

With gifted hands Dr. Schram can discover where the body is out of harmony, carefully detecting and correcting improper alignments in the vertebra, providing the lower back pain relief you seek.

Dr. Schram brings a number of diverse disciplines to address your lower back pain. He is licensed in both Chiropractic and Acupuncture and is experienced in both Eastern pulse technique and palpation for traditional physical examinations.

Life is too short, to live with lower back pain. Call and ask how Dr. Schram’s chiropractic lower back pain relief can help you discover a new lease on life at (212) 696-4426.

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